SCFC’s Board of Directors meets monthly to review and guide the operations of the club.

In the hopes of increasing transparency with our members the board of the organisation has decided to place the Minutes from the board meetings on the website from November 2020 and on a go- forward basis.  For full disclosure the board has left some information out of the minutes and will continue to do so at the discretion of the board.  In addition, it should be noted that these minutes are a summary of lengthy discussions and do not contain the meeting agendas, various reports or other information, which is typically reviewed at the meetings.  The minutes attached are a snapshot to give our members a brief update on the club operations over time.  If you are interested in the club’s various policies, please check the policy tab on the website.  Should you have any particular questions on the minutes please reach out to the SWAN CITY FC office at

Thank you for being part of Swan City Football Club