Canada has played a vital role in the development of Powerchair Football, with roots being traced as far back as 1979. Although Powerchair Football Canada had only been established in 2008 at the Canadian PowerSoccer Summit in Vancouver, teams and leagues have emerged and been around in BC since the early 1980’s. 

2005 saw representatives from Canada meet with 5 other countries to help develop and form what is now FIPFA.

In 2007, Canada held it’s first ever National Game in Vancouver as BC topped Quebec by a score of 2-0. Since then, Powerchair Football Canada has worked hard to promote the sport across the entire country, with Alberta becoming involved in 2009. 

SWAN CITY FC now offers POWER SOCER as part of our programming.  This exciting version of the game is an opportunity for you to experience the joy, camaraderie, teamwork, and competition of new a team sport.  We are so very proud to have adopted this program from Grande Prairie Wolverines and hope we can continue the build on its rich history. 

Right now, this program is at a developmental level. Regardless of disabilities, abilities, experience, or inexperience, this form of the game is a fun challenge for those with a competitive spirit.  Whether you are looking for a social activity, to make new friends, an understanding of disabled sport, or you are honing your skills to strive to don the colours of Alberta or Canada, SWAN CITY FC can be your first step into Power Soccer.

For athletes from any sport discipline that may be recovering from injury or necessary time away from their own game, we are certain you will find Power Soccer can fit into your recovery regimen.  It can keep your athletic mind sharp and your competitive spirit alive and well.

JOIN US!   Be part of building a dream that includes a future SWAN CITY FC POWER SOCCER TEAM.

Have a little free time?!  Volunteer and share whatever you can with us – no contribution is too small.