Early in 2020, Grande Prairie Soccer Association, Grande Prairie Minor Soccer Association, GP Women’s League, and GP Men’s League decided it was time for something better. The four groups joined forces and have rebranded as one organisation – SWAN CITY FC. 

The result has been positive, with more focus and direction as well as a better use of resources.  We believe we are in a position to improve the game of soccer for our members and make additional contributions to our community. Such an amalgamation reflects the sporting will and strategic thinking that can effect changes that would not otherwise have been as readily achieved or even possible.  We have set the goal of delivering a better member experience, concentrating our strengths, and expanding our reach to provide a sporting environment that views soccer as a tool of social development. 

This initiative is far more than a few artistic changes and just adding groups together.  This is carving a path; a new course is being charted.  It is a commitment to our community and a drive to be a resource for development.    It is a multiplier that fuels the impact and effectiveness of our soccer community with guidance, expertise, and capital.   This will result in a more holistic approach to services that meets a larger set of soccer needs, including the ability to more closely link strategy, governance, and finance. 

Our coming together empowers us to create opportunities for every one of our players to dream whatever dream it is that motivates them to play the beautiful game.