Expose your brand and business to players, spectators and visitors at the indoor soccer centre year-round.

  • During the indoor season we are open seven days a week, up to 15 hours a day
  • Be recognised for supporting and strengthening the local community, as we know, sport improves our health and brings people together.
  • Our facility is not only accessed by soccer members, it is also accessed by schools, other sports groups, and outside user groups.
  • Our facility, and its advertisers gains out of town exposure through hosting tournaments. 
  • We have a target market of both males and females ranging in age from age 3 to age 50 plus. 
  • Becoming a sponsor supports our association so that membership fees are kept a manageable cost.
  • Soccer is a high energy and low-cost sport; your sponsorship allows you to be associated with a “world game” at a local level.


We currently have several 4×8 board locations on the north wall, under the players benches and to the right of the home bench available!