We are presently developing an opportunity to learn under the able mentorship and guidance of our Technical Director and Executive Director on how to manage, grow and expand a club. Fit in for a perfect role full of challenges and set an exemplary example.

If you shine here, you can shine anywhere!

Meet the ever growing need and feed the undying hunger of a clubs’ marketing and branding agenda. Be a part of a versatile team. Shares the basics, intermediate and advanced skill of photography, content writing, social media handling, digital marketing, etc.¬†

If you have a skill we have a task, the world is your arena.

An initiative as big as Swan City FC’s 4HER program dedicated towards the development and empowerment of women in football is symbolic and a changemaker.

Be a part of the change you wish to see!

A beautiful game like football must be accessible to all. Please join in to encourage and inspire.

Sport has the power to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela

*Application will not be accepted without an attached copy of your CV/resume.