Esports 101: What is Esports?

Esports and gaming is not a replacement for soccer.  However, there are numerous benefits from organised, competitive esports play. Esports can encourage and develop principals we hold dearly, including competitiveness, sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, and responsibility. For soccer simulation titles like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, esports are complementary to North Texas Soccer as it provides kids with a unique opportunity to learn and understand the game of soccer from a bird’s eye view.

Every parent, coach or guardian probably realises that 90% of our children are digitally engaged and play video games on a regular basis. When channeled appropriately, this can be a good thing. This is an opportunity to give children, coaches and parents a platform to further bond and engage with one another in a fun and safe environment when they are unable to meet on our grass fields. Additionally, esports is opening up additional pathways for scholarships, social engagement, and sportsmanship.

With the spirit of improving children’s lives, we are delivering a gaming and esports club that will provide an additional layer of support to the in-person soccer leagues to further enhance grassroots youth soccer development. Our goal is to provide a fuller, more rich experience to our players.


All players are required to own their own personal licensed copy of the game and a compatible gaming device on which to play. Finally, the player must have an online subscription to their respective gaming console in order to access online gameplay.

A game console is like a personal computer (PC) built specifically to connect to a television or monitor for the exclusive purpose of playing video games and apps.  For players to participate in the events, players must own or have access to one or more of the following home video game consoles:  Microsoft Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4.

Game consoles are available at retail stores nationwide for a price point around $299-499.  You can often find the consoles available used at retailers like GameStop or Best Buy. One console can play many video games.  The differences between the consoles are mostly related to the games available for the console.

The gaming consoles are sometimes incompatible with one another, meaning that a friend with an Xbox One cannot play with a friend with a PlayStation 4.  We recommend that you consult with your child and their friends to identify which console is the most appropriate for your child.

There are old versions of consoles from previous years which are NOT compatible with our weeklies, tournaments, or ladder system.  Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and some other consoles will not be compatible with gameplay in the gaming events.

In order to play video games on your console, you must purchase a copy of the video game license.  Video games may be purchased at most major retailers and come in a DVD case. Additionally, video games are available to be purchased within the digital online store of your video game console.

A single copy of the video game may be played on a single console.  A friend cannot share a copy of the game with another friend with both players playing at the same time.

Once purchased, insert the game into the gaming console of your choice, and the game will self-install.  If you purchase digitally, the game will self-install.

Houses with multiple children/siblings

Due to the way the software and hardware technology work, most weeklies, tournaments, or ladders require a single player to play on a single license for the event.  For example, if your household has two children who wish to participate, you would need two Xbox Ones plus two copies of the game license for both players to participate at the same time.

Some weeklies, tournaments, and ladders may have scheduling options that can allow for your children to take turns, but this is not always possible if the event has a tight time schedule.

Please contact the gaming administrator at <> if you have any questions.

Online Subscription

In order to play video games online, the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One consoles require a monthly subscription fee for online access.  These services are available for purchase directly on your gaming consoles.