Esports 101: How to Register?

Participants have to be registered with SWAN CITY FC.  If you do not currently play soccer, but would like to play esports, please contact SWAN CITY FC to sign up. Players will be required to own a copy of the video game featured in the events (weeklies, tournaments, or ladders) they wish to join, as well as a compatible device to play the game.  Players must have an online subscription to their gaming device to allow for online play.  Each video game will have different software and hardware requirements, so please check the details on your specific gaming event page.

Who can participate?

Participants are assigned to different divisions according to their age groups, console, type (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and video game. Crossplay games, such as Rocket League, will only be divided by age groups since all console types can play together, including PC.  For the eCup Weeklies, players between the ages of 10-19 may participate in the following age groups:

  • Under 11-12 Boys & Girls – Console Type (PS4, or Xbox One)
  • 13-14 Under Boys and Girls – Console Type (PS4, or Xbox One)
  • 15-16 Under Boys and Girls – Console Type (PS4, or Xbox One)
  • 17-19 Under Boys and Girls – Console Type (PS4, or Xbox One)

*Age groups subject to change based on numbers.

Tournaments on the other hand, will revolve around a one-day event for players to compete in a group staging followed by a single elimination bracket. Ladders are geared towards players who want to play with an opponent during their free time and challenges them to a match. All players will play under the banner of their respective home club or association, representing your team officially. Winning players and winning clubs or associations will be celebrated on the SWAN CITY FC website.

Score Reporting
Both players have the responsibility to report the final score by using their mobile devices to take a picture of the match results and uploading it on the portal.

Player – Player Communication 
Players will be able to communicate with one another via a secure app to reschedule games in case of emergencies or unexpected family commitments.  All player and event communications are monitored by the esports commissioner and administration to ensure appropriate conduct and safety.

Esports players will register and be vetted via an Affiliate-led verification system like their current grass-playing contemporaries.  You can find registration under the registration tab.

Parents are welcome to register and connect their account to the child’s account but are required to create a family account for those under the age of 13 in order to be COPPA compliant.  Information required for registration include an email address, age, club or association, postal code, console type, (Xbox or PlayStation) and phone number.