Q. What is esports?
A. Esports also known as “electronic sports” is organised video gaming sports competition often played individually or in teams.

Q. What ages can participate?
A. Participants have to be registered with SWAN CITY FC. If you are not currently playing soccer, but would still like to play esports, contact SWAN CITY FC Players 10-19 years old can participate in the gaming events. Those under the age of 13 must have a family account due to COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). Those creating accounts for under the age of 13 will be verified as safety of our young players is important to our association and GDS.

Q. What is the GDS Platform?
A. The GDS Platform is supported by GYO Score and is an online gaming community platform that is built to help connect players with gaming opportunities, tournaments, esports scholarships, and more. Unlike many platforms, GDS Platform is also built to allow for parental registration and oversight of child accounts in order to help parents monitor and understand their child’s gaming habits and to take advantage of potential college opportunities for esports. Because GDS is the only platform that has placed an emphasis on child safety and parental involvement, North Texas Soccer selected GDS as our official vendor to help facilitate online gaming leagues for our players to participate during downtime from soccer.

Q. What is a Club Portal?
A. Through this program, clubs and associations are welcome to create Club Portals which are like online hangouts for your children. When a child joins these Club Portals, their participation is verified by an administrator so that only registered players are able to participate in the program and communicate with the other registered players. Within the Club portal, the players may share their gamer connection information and communicate with one another about video games and esports safely. Instead of connecting players to random people around the world you do not know, the Club Portals give you a space where you can feel assured that the online communications are occurring between children of similar ages who are also members of the registered soccer community. For further safety and security, all messages and communications that occur on the platform are accessed and monitored by administrators and professional adults who will enforce a strict code of civility, decorum and appropriate discussions.

While on the GDS platform and within the Club Portals, your child will likely participate in two key types of activity: Self-driven Gameplay and Weeklies/Tournament Gameplay. In self-driven activity, the players will communicate among themselves and may schedule play activities that occur in their games. For Weeklies/Tournament Gameplay, an administrator representing the Clubs or association will create an online gameplay league (weeklies) or tournament structure that mirrors the in-person soccer league structure. Players will be assigned a designated opponent and be scheduled to play against them at specific times, and then they will report the scores directly to the platform. In addition to being a fun competition, this is an opportunity to help teach the players responsibility and accountability, as players are required to manage their own schedules and report their own scores. Failure to do so would result in forfeits and negative consequences, including removal from the league.

Children are going to have screen time at home – SWAN CITY FC aims to create positive, competitive, safe and social league play experiences to help make sure a significant amount of that screen time is productive. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask for additional assistance!

Q. How do I sign up my child to participate in the esports program?
A. Signing up is easy! First, please be sure to sign up with SWAN CITY FC by going to the REGISTRATION link. Afterwards, you will be sent an invitation by GDS/GYO Score to create an account for our gaming club.

Q. What are the benefits of playing esports?
A. There is a wide range of benefits for children who participate in measured video gaming including, cognitive development, social engagement and the development of motor skills. Please follow this link for more information: Must point to the benefits of esports web page.

Q. Are games children friendly and non-violent?
A. We do not offer violent games. Our gaming club offers non-violent FIFA 20 games to complement kids’ soccer development in person as well as in the digital space. We will also explore other games such as Rocket League and more!

Q. Who does my child play against?
A. The GDS Platform allows kids to safely play esports games with kids in their current soccer club or association as well as other clubs or associations affiliated with North Texas Soccer. Our gaming club offers a fun & safe digital environment where children represent their clubs or associations while competing against their peers, (people you know) from teams they compete with on during in-person leagues.

Q. Can clubs or associations create their own esports tournaments in which our membership can participate?
A. The answer is yes, the tool allows you to create and manage your own weeklies and tournaments however you would like to do so. This is similar to the “Rec” model – “intramural” where your players will be playing amongst each other.

Q. Do you provide copies of the video games?
A. No, we do not provide copies of any games, they must be purchased and owned by the players.

Q. Are there coaches or adult events that parents can participate in?
A. Yes! There is great desire among coaches, referees & adults to participate in a community weeklies or tournaments among themselves. We see this as a great opportunity to enhance the coaching fraternity and to further engagement in the overall soccer community.?

Q. When does the first event begin?
A. Please visit our esports portal to see all of the available leagues and tournaments.

Q. As a club or association can we run our own weeklies or tournaments?
A. Absolutely. The platform is built to allow you to promote your own weeklies and events, and the kids themselves can also self-organise if they wish to do so. For example, if your kids want to find out information about their teammates’ Fortnite gamertags, they may send messages or use the chat boards to get that information. As an organiser, you can be active or you can be passive and let the kids communicate with each other!

Q. The system is prompting me to download Discord, should I?
A. The Discord ID is optional for players that have it and is NOT required to participate in any leagues.

Q. How do I set up a match versus my opponent in FIFA 20 for X-Box?
A. How to setup a match versus your opponent in FIFA 20

  1. Start-up FIFA 20 on your console
  2. Navigate to the online tab
  3. Select “online friendlies”
  4. Select “new friendly season”
  5. Select your opponent’s gamer tag and invite them.

B. Under the settings tab ensure the following settings are applied before starting your match:

  1. Half Length: 15 minutes
  2. Controls: Any
  3. Game Speed: Normal
  4. Squad Type: 85 overall