In order to facilitate our esports programming, we have partnered with groups who have made a commitment to player safety and the creation of fun gaming events, ladders, weeklies, and tournaments.  Global Digital Sports, LLC makes available a video gaming platform that is designed to mirror the current processes and functions of the state youth sport association with an emphasis on risk management. The goal of GDS and GYO is to ensure that children of appropriate age and all backgrounds have access to safe digital space where they can play with their peers in a fun and safe way.

What makes GDS unique is that it places the players’ health and safety as a top priority at all times.

  • Risk Management through a player verification system and COPPA compliance
  • A “Safe Space” for parents to allow their children to engage digitally
  • Parental accounts to allow parents to participate in the process
  • Coaching oversight & education
  • Promotion/Relegation to develop parity in play
  • Collegiate scholarship opportunities for esports scholarships
  • Intra/Inter Club and State Play
  • Multiple Title Support