2024 Competitive Outdoor

Outdoor Programs

Season Length: May to July

Age Groups: U9 – U11- U13 – U15 – U17

Competitive Teams: 

This program is designed to progress developing players ready to demonstrate a higher degree of potential, it focuses on building on more basic competitive and technical aspects of the game while also inspiring a self-reflective mindset and good sportsmanship. Our progressive exercises are slower and less competitive than the High-Performance program. It is created with aspects of Canada Soccer’s Stages 3 & 4: Learning to Train coaching model based on each season’s team. In our competitive program we focus on equal playing time and equal opportunities for all players. We expect a high level of commitment to practices and tournament weekends.

High-Performance teams: 

This program is created following Canada Soccer’s Stage 4: Learning to Train coaching model and progresses into Stage 5: Soccer for life. We focus training on the player’s abilities to be self-reflective, and we facilitate lessons and exercises about more complex movements such as using appropriate body contact in the game and playmaking. This program also includes longer gameplay with less stoppage time, requiring a dependence on team communication which improves overall soccer IQ, reflexes, and team relationships. In our High-Performance programs, we expect players to have a high level of commitment to the sport and their team. These players place a priority on their own improvement and the success of the team. Players are also expected to attend all practices and league games in Edmonton.

PS: Players who are not able to make the Competitive or High-performance team will be placed in the Grassroots Program. 

Registration closes one week before the assessments start.



The $200 (non-refundable) registration fee includes a $15 assessment fee. The remaining $185 will go towards season registration.

Assessment Dates: From April 8th to April 14th.